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VolTra connects to an enormous network of international workcamp organisations all over the world to provide various international workcamps and voluntary service projects to volunteers. There are more than 100 countries and over 3,000 international volunteering projects worldwide each year for Hong Kong and Chinese citizens to apply for via VolTra.

How to apply?

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Preparation before the application: Who can join workcamp?Application CovenantApplication TipsFee Policy;

Note after the acceptance of application: Amendment or Change of WorkcampWhen to start planning my journey?;

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Application Fee

Application Fee

The Application Fee of workcamps is determined based on the workcamp duration and country. Details of the Application Fee are listed as below:

Start from 01 MAY 2019, price are as below : 

  Application Fee (HK$)
Workcamp Duration Zone 1 Zone 2
Less than one month 2,350 3,350
More than one month 3,350 4,350

Zone 1: Africa, South America, Asia (except Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Macau), Middle East & Central Asia and Caucasus

Zone 2: Europe, Latin America, North America, Oceania, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Macau

Amendment & Cancellation


Amendment before acceptance

If you change your workcamp choices after application submission but before acceptance by the workcamp hosting organization, you are required to pay a Change Fee of HK$400. You must pay the fee before VolTra has received the acceptance notice from the hosting workcamp organizations. Otherwise, you have to pay the Change Fee for workcamp after acceptance.

Amendment after acceptance

If you change your workcamp choices after acceptance by the workcamp hosting organization, you are required to submit the amendment request and pay the Change Fee $800 at least 14 days before the workcamp commencement date. Otherwise, VolTra will not process your amendment.


VolTra has a very strict cancellation policy to discourage cancellation of workcamp.

All cancellation request must be submitted before the workcamp commencement date. Otherwise, it will be treated as absence. Please make sure that you are able to participate in theworkcamp before application. You may consider purchasing travel insurance to reimburse you in event of sickness, personal or family tragedy, flight unavailability, visa rejection, etc.

Personal Reasons

If you request cancellation for personal reasons, all fees are non-refundable. However, a cash coupon, valued equivalent to your application fee after deduction of administration fee (Before Acceptance: HK$400; After Acceptance: HK$800) will be given to the applicants for joining VolTra’s projects in the future. This coupon is transferrable. The coupon holder could use it for joining any VolTra’s activities as cash. All coupon could be used once and for only one event organized by VolTra. It is valid for 2 years from the issuing date.

Non-Personal Reasons

If your workcamp is cancelled by the reasons of hosting workcamp organizations (e.g. the workcamp is full or cancelled, the dates of the workcamp are changed, etc.), you could request for refund. Upon receipt of your give-up request, VolTra will refund the Application Fee after deduction of Give-up Fee, HK$300.

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