Hong Kong Project

Since its establishment in April 2009, VolTra has organized two-week-long workcamps and three month projects in Hong Kong every year. Throughout the development, we also organized various activities to promote the concept of international volunteer service.

Latest Activities

Check here for the latest activities in Hong Kong.

Voluntary Service Project

Our Hong Kong workcamps offer a special volunteering experience to overseas volunteers, and also provide an opportunity for local volunteers to mingle and learn from their overseas counterparts. We aim to bring a sustainable impact to the local communities through these regular local workcamps.

Please visit our program book 2017-2018 (To be updated).


Packed with busy work and study schedule, not all Hong Kong volunteers can take part in our overseas workcamps which normally last for a week or more. That is why we initiated a series of different-themed ‘Mi-VolTra’, which are one-day experiential activities held in Hong Kong, giving our volunteers a glimpse of the spirit of workcamps.

Special Project

Partnering with different organisations, we co-create different programmes and events to promote global citizenship and international voluntary services. Highlights of 2015-2016 include ‘The Glocal Fellowship’, ‘Glocal Greenovation Challenge’ and ‘Travel with Rivals’.


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